Guest Blogging and Press Release Submission

Our mission at is to gather news, articles, reports, and information about fishing from the northeast and bring it all together in one place. But, we can’t do it alone. We invite you to write blog posts (articles) and submit press releases. In return, we allow and encourage you to promote your business or organization with some reasonable limitations and only if it relates to fishing or to people that fish.

Write Articles

We’re looking for entertaining and informative articles about or related to fishing. Tell us about about:

  • A fishing trip, guided or for recreation
  • Tips and techniques
  • Useful baits and equipment, and how to use them
  • Travel and lodging
  • Protecting our fish and water resources
  • News about expos, clinics, tournaments, charities, policy/law changes, etc.
  • …or anything of interest to people fishing in the northeast U.S.

We ask that the article is not one big blatant advertisement. We understand this can be a fine line to walk in some cases. We’ll give you plenty of room in the last paragraph of your article to encourage readers to check out your business or organization.

The article can be recreated based on something you have previously written, but the version submitted to us must be original. No duplicate content please.

Especially good articles could become one of only two featured articles each week.

How it works

  • If you’re unsure about your idea, please feel free to contact us first.
  • Write your article in the standard .doc format using something like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice
  • Include pictures in the document or send along with the document file
  • Email your .doc file (and pictures) to gary at
  • We will review your article. We’ll let you know if it has been accepted and when you can expect to see it published. (We rarely turn away articles)

NOTE: While not usually necessary, we reserve the right to make editorial changes to your article before it is posted. This includes but is not limited to spelling and grammar changes, resizing photos, reformatting spaces and paragraphs, and textual changes for more clarity and localization.

Your post is more likely to be accepted if:

  • It’s well written with proper grammar and spelling
  • The idea is something that would be interesting to those reading about fishing or want to visit a fishing destination in the northeast.
  • Specific towns and bodies of water are named. We’re not asking you to share your secret fishing holes, but locations and patterns on a particular body of water is very much appreciated.
  • Information on tips and techniques are great, especially if they help a reader understand local names for baits, techniques, and locations.
  • It includes pictures and links to online resources that are helpful to the reader.
  • The article at least 750 words long. MS Word and OpenOffice have built-in tools to count words. (This minimum word count does not include your author bio where you can advertise your business or organization.)

What do you get out of it?

  • The opportunity to link to your website(s) for both real visitors and improved search engine ranking.
  • Exposure to a growing community of readers who love fishing, gadgets, travel, guide services, and the outdoors
  • Build a fan base by sharing your knowledge and experience with others passionate about fishing.

Press Releases

We also accept press releases related to fishing in the northeast and fishing related information. Email your press release to gary at

We’re very easy to work with and will help you with any questions.
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